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Welcome to BigDaddy Custom RC where we design & build Custom Billet Components for Lg Scale RC Cars – primarily for, but not exclusive to the Baja platform.

Cars have been my life, All of my life. Effectively serving the automotive industry for 31 yrs, 26 as the proud Owner/Operator of Puma Performance Engs.

Taking an early interest in Performance & Drag Racing, I successfully built my 1st eng @ age 14 & spent the next several yrs Street/Strip Racing, Eng building, Tuning, & sometimes driving for others.                                                                                                  In the mid-1970’s I campaigned a daily driven stock chassis, 350 powered ‘70 Nova that comfortably ran mid – 12 sec ET’s on pump gas. In the early 80’s it was time to build a dedicated track car of my own, that soon became the World’s Quickest & Fastest Small Block Powered ‘80 Cutlass!

I am so Blessed to have experienced such favor in the Automotive Industry & the sport of Drag Racing for so many yrs. Having successfully tuned DoorSlammers from Bracket Cars to ProMod’s, I eventually retired, closed shop, & parked the Race Car. However, my heart for Performance/Drag Racing in particular just wouldn’t concede.

In 2012, I rediscovered the world of RC, & while maintaining the stock Velineon sys, I narrowed the rear end of my Rustler & ran 69 mph in 300’ (feet) on 3s.
Shortly after my GTP ran 95 mph on 6s….not earth-shattering, but noteworthy…However, current day Electric Guys put that to shame!

I so appreciated this time w/my grandchildren who @ 6 & 8 yrs of age were making consistent 65 mph passes. But the idea of Lg Scale fuel-burning cars did something to me,…literally.  

In 2014 BDCRC built the 1st Baja to run & exceed 70mph in 330’ (feet)!
70, 71, & 72 mph were achieved in 2014 and 73 mph in 2015.
These numbers were accomplished @ a hefty 28.8 lbs,
a BDCRC 30.5 Small Blk, BlackBone 2 Speed, Stock 2 shoe Clutch, Plastic Diff, a Knockoff pipe, & yes, *Hostile Slicks*

We’ve been building Record-Setting Cars for 45 yrs…we’d be happy to do yours.

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